Company changes at Viessmann Kylmäjärjestelmät Oy


At the beginning of the coming year, on January 1st 2024 a new company Viessmann Kylmäpalvelut Oy will commence its operations, providing you with comprehensive commercial refrigeration life cycle services and expertise in refrigeration contracting. Our current maintenance companies FCool Oy and Suomen Jääkylmä Oy, will become part of this new company. Additionally, individuals from Viessmann Kylmäjärjestelmät Oy and Epta Finland Oy involved in contracting and maintenance will transition to Viessmann Kylmäpalvelut Oy. Viessmann Kylmäpalvelut Oy will employ approximately 80 refrigeration professionals, responsibly and reliably covering all aspects of commercial refrigeration project and maintenance operations.

Viessmann Refrigeration Systems Ltd and Epta Finland Ltd will henceforth be responsible for the sales of refrigeration equipment and cold rooms. In November, we announced a press release about Viessmann and Epta's new joint venture, aiming to develop strong local expertise and offerings in the commercial refrigeration sector in the Finnish market. We are committed to delivering comprehensive commercial refrigeration solutions to our customers even more efficiently and effectively.

In Viessmann Kylmäpalvelut Oy Mr. Panu Lammi will lead the contracting business and Mr. Jukka Kortelainen will be in charge of the maintenance business. The product sales teams will be led by Mr. Harri Tarkkanen and Mr. Juha Weckström. All the mentioned individuals will report to Mr. Mika Aaltonen, who oversees domestic business operations as a whole.