Refrigerated cabinets, remote

Turnkey refrigeration solutions

Customised solutions and turnkey project management for commercial refrigeration services, including customer consultation and engineering support.

Designing and engineering refrigeration solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of sustainability and operational efficiency is a fundamental part of our daily work. Our local Viessmann team works together with our experienced designers and engineers to develop customised solutions to meet your exact specifications. As with every turnkey project we manage, we also help determine the required refrigeration capacity for the respective environment.

Viessmann refrigeration experts also work with large key account customers to develop future concepts with customer-specific solutions. As our customer, you will benefit from the proven industry knowledge of Viessmann's consultants, designers and service teams.

We’d be delighted to discuss our turnkey refrigeration solutions for food retail, food services, convenience and other commercial refrigeration applications. Contact us for more information!

Viessmann - service employees food retail

Tecto range of remote refrigerated multidecks is suitable for many types of food products from dairy to fruits and vegetables, beverages, prepacked meat and fish produce, pre-cooked dishes, and even for flowers. Tecto multidecks are energy efficient and can be customised regarding to needs with a variety of optional accessories. 

Freezers and islands

Tecto freezer cabinets in upright, island and semi-vertical modules provide multiple options for the retail and promotion of frozen goods. 


Tecto serve-over counters ensure the best possible product presentation. They are suitable for various fresh food products as fresh meat and fish products, but also for pre-packaged meals.