Epta Services Oy

Maintenance and Installation services

Epta Services Oy - installation and maintenance services covering whole Finland


Refrigeration turnkey projects and maintenance with customer focus and professionalism.

We specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment and offer refrigeration technology for trade and industry branches. The main activities being installation, maintenance, service, sales and planning.

Range of services

The range of services include refrigeration equipment installation, industrial refrigeration and cold room construction and refrigeration systems. Contracted maintenance and related on-call services ensure good functionality and fast assistance when needed.

Our 24/7 on call service for maintenance customers ensures good functionality and fast help when needed. Our service team monitors sites remotely and can quickly spot any potential faults. Remote monitoring allows for quick solutions and fewer on-site visits. This means lower maintenance costs for the customer. 


Epta Services Oy's professional staff offers a comprehensive range of services throughout Finland 


Epta Services Oy, Porvoo
Ratsumestarinkatu 6
FI-06100 Porvoo
Phone +358 19 537 8000

Epta Services Oy, Kerava
Ketjutie 3
FI-04220 Kerava
Phone +358 19 537 8005

Epta Services Oy Lahti
Tuotekatu 4
FI-15700 Lahti
Phone +358 19 537 8003

Epta Services Oy, Tampere
Haikanvuori 6
FI-33960 Pirkkala
Phone +358 19 537 8000
Epta Services Oy, Turku
Unkarinkatu 22 C
FI-20750 Turku
Phone +358 19 537 8006
Epta Services Oy Kuopio
Saamaislahdentie 18
FI-70420 Kuopio
Phone +358 19 537 8002
Epta Services Oy, Oulu
Teknologiantie 1
FI-90590 Oulu
Phone +358 19 537 8004