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Complete Solutions for commercial refrigeration

Our wide range of product and service solutions includes traditional refrigerated cabinets, chilled vertical and semi-vertical cabinets, vertical and horizontal freezer cabinets, integral refrigerated cabinets featuring built-in units, plug-in cabinets for Food retail, Convenience stores and Food & Beverage, and automatic drink and ice-creams vending machines. The range also features medium and high-power refrigeration systems and commercial and industrial cold rooms.

Turnkey Refrigeration Solutions

Customised solutions and turnkey project management for commercial refrigeration services, including customer consultation and engineering support.

Designing and engineering refrigeration solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of sustainability and operational efficiency is a fundamental part of our daily work. Our local Epta team works together with our experienced designers and engineers to develop customised solutions to meet your exact specifications. As with every turnkey project we manage, we also help determine the required refrigeration capacity for the respective environment.

Epta's refrigeration experts also work with large key account customers to develop future concepts with customer-specific solutions. As our customer, you will benefit from the proven industry knowledge of Epta's consultants, designers and service teams.

We’d be delighted to discuss our turnkey refrigeration solutions for food retail, food services, convenience and other commercial refrigeration applications. Contact us for more information!

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Nordic-line Family
NordicLine product range
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Retail Plug-in
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Fresh and pre-packaged
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Ice-cream and frozen food
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 Misa Refrigeration units
Misa Refrigeration units

Choosing Epta for commercial refrigeration solutions: a comprehensive package tailored to diverse sectors including retail, food and beverage, and HoReCa


Epta areas of expertise


Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

Epta provides a variety of refrigeration solutions designed for different commercial applications. These include freezer cabinets, refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated counters, plug-in refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms used in supermarkets, grocery stores and other retail environments.


Energy Efficiency

Epta is known for its focus on energy-efficient solutions. Our systems incorporate advanced technologies to minimize energy consumption, providing environmentally friendly options for businesses.

Epta brands

The strenght of Epta Brands

Epta operates under several brands, including Bonnet Névé, Eurocryor, Misa, and Iarp. Each brand may cater to specific needs within the commercial refrigeration sector.



Epta offers customized refrigeration solutions to meet the specific requirements of clients in different industries. This could include tailoring systems to fit the available space, meet aesthetic preferences, or adhere to specific technical specifications.


Technological Innovations

Epta incorporates technological innovations in its refrigeration solutions, such as the use of natural refrigerants, smart technologies, and connectivity options for monitoring and controlling systems remotely.

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