Pre-sales services

Epta’s services for Design and Installation of refrigeration systems and Contracting

Design, Installation, and Contracting: Epta project management can be customised to your needs

Epta applies its advanced technical skills to the development of turnkey projects to suit the most specific requirements. We can provide a complete offer, from planning to the construction of refrigerated display cabinets and refrigeration packs, to installation and in-store servicing. Know more about our pre-sales services!

Technical Design

Choosing our Group means choosing refrigeration systems designed and built to client specifications. In fact, Epta uses specialized teams to meet the needs of clients by designing the perfect solution for every refrigeration system.


The first step is an analysis of the specific needs and environmental conditions, followed by the design, development and installation of refrigeration systems that fully respond to the desire to curb energy consumption and ensure the best performance levels.

Epta is known for its ability to produce and install CO2 refrigeration systems all over the world, its experience increasing over the years with the many transcritical, subcritical systems built and installed: a truly significant expertise, considering the current need to comply with increasingly stringent restrictions on the use of synthetic refrigerants as opposed to natural systems like carbon dioxide.

FTE (Full Transcritical Efficiency) system

Within this environmentally friendly landscape, Epta developed a revolutionary transcritical system: CO2 FTE System that matches simplicity and performance, with installation and maintenance costs that are up to 20% lower compared with traditional CO2 systems. Simple, Global, Industrialized and Reliable! In the 2.0 version, the FTE can be fully integrated in the power pack thus requiring no extra space in the technical room and further reducing installation and startup times.

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ETE (Extreme Temperature Efficiency) system

ETE is a technology by Epta that can be combined also with FTE to guarantee operation of the transcritical CO2 system at any latitude and at any temperature, even higher than 40°C, also on non-booster installations, and in industrial refrigeration applications.

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Contracting & Commissioning

We are committed to providing a comprehensive, high-quality service, taking care of every stage of the refrigerated cabinet installation process and offering several services in every phase before-during and after the project.

Epta guarantees its customers specialised and modular support for the installation and commissioning of its refrigeration systems. Thanks to an extensive network of certified technicians and experienced supervisors, Epta can guarantee the punctuality and reliability of installations everywhere.

The commissioning team carries out the commissioning of customers' refrigeration systems in full compliance with project specifications and performance targets.


Concept Design

EptaConcept is the department in Epta Group specialised in shaping original and made-to-measure commercial spaces, corners, kiosks, to offer consumers an exclusive experience.  


Its team of experts works passionately and creatively in close collaboration with the Food Retailers and stakeholders of the Convenience, HoReCa and Food&Beverage sector to transform each request into a unique realisation.

The team can offer turnkey projects, handling every aspect, from needs analysis to the choice of furnishings, installation and after sales assistance.

Design your Uniqueness

The layouts designed by EptaConcept are conceived to maximise the space available while offering high visibility of products and facilitating customer flow



EptaConcept creates made-to-measure set-ups for every department inside your store. Gastronomy, pastry, meat, bakery, kiosks to display fresh and warm products… we personalise and give value to every corner of your store!



We design and create small and large specialist shops that want to stand out with original concepts and captivating designs. Unique points of sale which provide consumer's with a shopping experience that is incomparable.



EptaConcept develops commercial set-ups dedicated to single brands or to specific product categories, bringing life to small dedicated corners in which the consumer can find everything they need. Refrigerated products, dry or complementary products displayed with original know-how!



Our interdisciplinary team is always ready to develop projects, including those on a large scale. We help our clients to design entire stores with refrigerated and non-refrigerated lines, outstanding customisations and cutting-edge merchandising... display solutions that are specifically tailored to express the identity of the brand.